How to Plan for Graveside Burial Services and What to Expect

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Are you looking for the best option as you plan the final resting place for your loved one? That option could be graveside burial services near me.

This standalone service will honor your deceased loved one at the site of their burial place. You can opt to hold the graveside burial services as an additional celebration after the funeral.

Tips for planning a graveside burial service near me

You must take some steps before planning your loved one’s graveside service. You need to choose a burial site, an urn, or a casket and plan what will be said during the service.

Pick a burial site or cemetery

While you can bury your deceased family member in a cemetery site, there are many other options to explore based on your faith or location. Typically, the steps for planning a service remain the same whether the burial service is near a columbarium or mausoleum niche.

Your relative might have bought a burial service while alive. Or perhaps another relative bought several plots that can serve as a burial site. It’s essential to go through the deceased records before visiting any cemetery in your locality.

You’ll have to select a cemetery if the burial plot wasn’t pre-bought. You may call the cemetery office to locate anyone selling their unused plot.


Select an urn or casket

Many mourners visit funeral homes to select a casket or urn for their deceased loved ones. While caskets are costly, you can find an alternative that suits your budget.

For instance, you can opt for a casket made of metal or hardwood, vary the liner color or customize the exterior of the casket with a picture that meant something to the departed.

Find a person to officiate the ceremony

In most cases, the deceased’s spiritual leader is the one to lead the graveside burial service. If the deceased didn’t have a spiritual household, you could hire an individual of the clergy to conduct the ceremony.

Ask the cemetery or funeral director for referrals of someone who can lead the burial ceremony if you prefer that the burial service near me have no religious undertones. You can also seek assistance from a family member or close friend to conduct the service.

What happens during a burial service?

Many things will determine what happens during this ceremony.

A burial ceremony at the cemetery takes a short time, especially if the burial service accompanies the traditional funeral. It might include prayers, songs, or readings and can last up to 30 minutes.

How long can the graveside service take if it’s only a burial ceremony? It can be short, or it can last up to 60 minutes. You might need to incorporate prayers, a short sermon, songs, readings, and more. The agenda of the burial will depend on the departed’s religion or the faith preferences of the deceased relatives.