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When individuals discuss a family, they generally mean kids. This film is sweet family leisure (= one thing that could be liked by mother and father and children together). 9. a bunch of people who discover themselves generally not blood relations nonetheless who share widespread attitudes, interests, or objectives.

a bunch of people who are normally not blood relations nevertheless who share widespread attitudes, pursuits, or targets and, ceaselessly, dwell collectively: Many hippie communes of the sixties regarded themselves as families. Late Middle English (in family (sense 2 of the noun); moreover denoting the servants of a household or the retinue of a nobleman): from Latin familia ‘family servants, family’, from famulus ‘servant’.

Family Member Dictionary

We’re not restricted to the -at family.

Family is used many various strategies. It might most likely mean “family,” or the people you reside with, or it may consult with a accomplice and the kids you are elevating collectively. Your family can embody individuals you’ve by no means met, like distant cousins, do you have to’re using it to speak about the broader group of your whole kinfolk. There’s also the scientific time period family, which is a time interval that ranks the way wherein different organisms are related to one one other.

family.” Open Education Sociology Dictionary. Ed. Kenton Bell. 2013. Internet. sixteen Mar. 2020. <>. It will offer you 8 adjectives containing further info on word households. The phrase family could be accessed by clicking on the sector on the appropriate. Here is the Phrase Family field for correct.

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This big new dictionary is the last phrase reference work on family names of the UK, protecting English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, and immigrant surnames. It consists of each surname that at the moment has better than a hundred bearers, and people who had better than 20 bearers in the 1881 census.

A group of people who share ties of blood, marriage, or adoption; a gaggle residing collectively and consisting of parents, children, and other family members by blood or marriage; a gaggle of people residing collectively who’ve consented to an arrangement much like ties of blood or marriage. Word origin: from the time period familia was coined by French botanist Pierre Magnol in 1689 the place he referred to as households (familiae) the seventy-six teams of crops he recognized. a bunch of persons who kind a family beneath one head, together with dad and mom, kids, and servants.


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